Our Aims


Promote diversity.


Develop students.

The main objectives from BEST Valencia as Local BEST Group are:

  • To (enhance diversity in / build up diversity from) the conviction that a broad and plural environment helps people to achieve their full potential and act with responsibility.

  • To create opportunities for students’ personal development so as they achieve an international perspective, cultural and social knowledge as well as getting work skills in a culturally diverse environment.

  • To provide its students with a vision of technological forefront, and social and cultural values ​​that enrich and complement their academic profile.

  • To facilitate international contact among engineering students.

  • To complement the academic formation of the official studies, through affordable quality courses which offer current issues in engineering.

  • To participate in European education policies in order to make the voice of students heard.

  • To bring business and students together, foster mutual enrichment between the academic, the researcher and the professional life.

  • To promote Europe among Europeans.

  • To advertise the city of Valencia and “l’Universitat Politècnica de València” among European students.

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