Motivation Letter

Letters are read by the Local BEST group from the city where the course will take place. They are students, just like you, so you shall be yourself, avoid formalities and show a good sense of humor. You should take on account that your letter should stand out from hundreds of them so, above all, be original!!

Since every BEST group choose their own participants for their courses, and each group has its own criteria, a good letter for some can be a bad one for others. But anyways, here are some tips for you:

  • Each course has its own web, check it out!! It will help you to have an idea of which kind of participants they are looking for!

  • Be careful with the length of your letter: a long letter should be really good written to not to be boring, and a short one could seem shallow and speak poorly about you.

  • Don’t speak just about your studies…they might think you’re a boring nerd!!

  • Don’t speak only about partying…they might think you’re a party-lover who won’t go to any class!!

  • Don’t speak just about the city… they might think you only wanna do some tourism!!

  • Don’t be afraid of the English language, it’s not necessary to be Shakespeare as long as you are understood.

  • Write your own letter: if you’re chosen, it should be due to your effort!

  • Be careful to send each letter to their destination, don’t mix them up!!

  • Send the letter on time to avoid last-minute surprises.

  • And remember that the letter will be the main selection criteria of participants, so don’t write it the last minute! Work hard on it!

Anyways , remember than these are only general advises, the perfect letter will be yours, do it your way!

If you want more info about how to write your motivation letter, click here.

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