EBEC, European BEST Engineering Competition, is a competition among college students, where participants, using knowledge and skills, have to solve a problem in a given time. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to develop their ability to work in teams. For companies it is an opportunity to see how the technical students and workers of the future face real problems.

EBEC is divided into three phases:

  • Local
  • National
  • European

Within each competition there are two categories, Team Design and Case Study:


Participants are proposed a real problem in engineering or business, which has to be solved theoretically. The most efficient solution, complete and quick, wins.

The aim is to evaluate how future engineers are able to face and solve a theory problem, related to engineering, which in many cases is raised directly by the companies who contribute to the event.


Students have to build, with the materials provided, in the most inexpensive way, and on time,, a model that gives a real engineering solution to the problem proposed by the organization.

One of the teams in the competition will be named after the sponsor, which will be able to interact with members of the team.